Oct 24/17
Good Evening. I have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan to you. Over the past 5 years Jonathan has provided many special meals for my family & friends. Having Jonathan cook dinner in your kitchen is a wonderful experience.

He always brings the freshest ingredients and prepares them to perfection. I've always enjoyed chatting with him in the kitchen before the guests arrive. He is a true professional & enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for good food. Every course was delicious & Jonathan's service impeccable. My kitchen was cleaner at the end of the meal than it was when he arrived. I'm sure you and your guests will enjoy the experience of a meal cooked in your own home by Chef Jono.

Oct 24/17

We would like to say thank you for your services at our parents recent 50th
Wedding Anniversary dinner. This was our third experience and everyone as
always was very pleased with the quality, quantity and variety of food from
the appetizers through to dessert.

We also appreciated how you openly
welcomed and encouraged my Nephew to watch as you prepared the meals as he
was very interested although a little shy at first. Please feel free to
share this message with others, we look forward to seeing you again sometime
in the near future.

Thomas Kortko
Oct 24/17
Hi there,

We would not hesitate to recommend him. He is very professional. Of course, the food is outstanding, but he is also punctual, tidy and personable. We have him over quite often for dinner parties to rave reviews.
Craig & Sandra Reed
Sep 22/13
Hi Jonathan,

I hope you had a great weekend - you were at Kathi and George's home on Sunday, I understand, and it was my sister and I who bought them the gift certificate (as a wedding gift).

I wanted to write and say thank you. They had a wonderful experience and my sister and I received an email this morning with rave reviews.

Thought I'd share a part - cause it's always nice to hear when you've done a good job!

I'm going to confess that we were apprehensive about having a total stranger come into our home, rummage around our kitchen and prepare a meal for us. Do we make small talk, do we bugger off? What's the protocol?

Email from Kathi:
It was one of the best experiences ever!!! Jonathan is VERY friendly, engaging and professional. I was able to pick his brain about different foods, which cast iron frying pan we should buy, etc.

The food was Fan freakingTastic! We both hurt at the end of the meal there was SO much food. Beyond the choices we made, he threw in extras to use up ingredients from the previous night's outing. He even made us three, count 'em three desserts! We couldn't finish the last one.

We would have no problem whatsoever recommending him or purchasing the same experience for someone else.

Thank you again Jonathan.

Kathi & George
Aug 15/13
Thanks for making Don's 50th memorable for us on so many levels. Your culinary creations defy description. Every item was simply outstanding. While you worked your magic, Cathy and Debbie made sure our crowd was well cared for. It was an exceptional evening and our paths will definitely pass again.

With best wishes until then,

Wendy & Don
May 28/13
Dear Chef Jono,

May I start by saying THANK YOU, for such a great tasting experience.

Hands down, you are one of a kind. From the minute you walked into my spotless kitchen, until my spotless kitchen walked out with you.

In 5 hours you presented us with Hors D'oeuvres, a surprise appetizer while incorporating items from my refrigerator, to an amazing tasting Bouquet salad. Our main entrees consisted of flavors that our pallets will be craving for but won't know how to find them.

Now for the dessert. Out of this World!!
You made sure that we all had a taste of your signature "Crepes Suzette" along with our own choice of dessert and a little extra.

Thank you for the wine selections on your FAQ....they worked perfectly with our starters to our main courses.

Thank you for such great enthusiasm and details when presenting us with each item. Explaining to us exactly what we were about to bite into.

Thank you for taking over my kitchen because I don't think it has ever seen cooking like this before. Thanks for a great clean up!!!

Cheers to you and your love of cooking.

Keep it up!!!

The Gang from Nikki's place
Mar 8/13
Hiya, Jono! I have been meaning to pass on a note to you, thanking you again for the wonderful meal and experience we had on Feb 27th. Everyone is talking about it and re-talking about it and I truly don't think the night could have gone any better.

Can't wait for the next time! Hopefully it will be soon again!

Leah and Justin
Jan 8/12
Dear Chef Jonathan,

I just want to thank you so much for coming in to Vanessa's home last night and truly making it a memorable evening for us.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I feel bad for originally asking you to 'wait' on us. When you brought us inside and guided us through the rest of the evening I was honestly blown away. Your preparation, presentation, interaction and engagement was astonishing. I can't get over how enjoyable it was to have you talk us through our meal.

Bottomline: Your food looks beautiful and tastes amazing!

I could go on about your food... the Salad Rolls were fun and tasty, I can't believe you cooked a Steak that big in Vanessa's place, I have never tasted better salmon, your bouquet salad with the cheese-looking stuff was amazing, the desert mouthwatering... and the mango and pomegranate dressings were fabulous.

It is clear you are passionate about the flavours, recipes and histories of your food and I have so much respect for what you do. I wish you the best as you continue as an Entrepreneur with your flavoursome dressings and as an Chef with your personal cooking experiences and lessons.

We will will keep an eye open for your Cook Book.

I have already passed your info along to my colleagues at work and I will keep you in the loop for any future opportunities. Vanessa has been telling everyone today, including her family by email so the word has made it around our circles :)

Oh, and if you would ever to like to engage in an informal discussion about your web marketing approach to any part of chefjono, I would be honoured to have lunch with you and openly discuss best practices and explore the potential of common strategies. Completely off-the-cuff of course :)

And know this: Despite your impressive website, it was our very first conversation on the phone that sold me. I could tell from the tone in your voice that you love what you do and know what you are doing. As you remember, it didn't take me long to call you back!

It was a pleasure meeting you.

Jeremy & Vanessa
Dec 10/11
"Just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU for the wonderful experience you created for my wife's 40th birthday dinner. I will start by saying that everyone was blown away with the dishes. The appetizers were great, the "Beef two Ways" was amazing, and the dessert crepes was a great cap to an overall beautiful meal. Everything was fresh and delicious. Watching you prepare the dishes is an experience you just don't get at a restaurant.

Joel, you were very polite and courteous to everyone, as well as patient to my children. Your wine knowledge was amazing, and look forward to using your suggestions. Your service and timing of all the dishes were impeccable. The night flowed perfectly. We were also amazed that you cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen spotless, while we got to enjoy our evening. Great service like that is hard to find today.

Once again my family and I thank you, for making our dinner a night to remember."
Feb 2/11
Jonathan, just wanted to send you a short note about the dinner part on Friday just past.

Deb and I as well as our guests didn't stop talking about the dinner, the preparation and your knowledge that you shared with us about the meal and the ingredients. It was truly fabulous. I loved all the different flavor combinations, they were very unique. In fact on the weekend we went out to Longos and purchased some of your Pomegranate Balsamic and Hot Mango Pepper Sauce. Delicious.

The whole experience blew us away everything was great, from the appatizers to the beef two ways, excellent preparation and presentation and topped of by the creme brulee. The enthusiam and passion you put into the preparation, cooking and presentation shows the gift that you have and your love of cooking. This was the best dinner part we have ever hosted and had the time to enjoy the food and our company.

When we went into work on Monday and shared our experience with our co workers, several of them expressed an interest in finding out more information. We have provided them with the web site info.

Deb was truly impressed with the way that you cleaned up and returned her kitchen to the spotless state it was in when you arrived. You had washed everything and wiped down the counters and then called us in to inspect it. After you left our guests commented on the state of out kitchen. They couldn't believe that it had been used to cook a 5 star four course meal.

It was truly a night all will remember for a long long time. We will definitely have you back again on another special occasion.

Mike & Deb
Mike & Deb
Nov 27/10
Run...don't walk....to use Jonathan's services. He is the best kept secret this city has to offer (he was featured recently in the National Post). I have used his services twice and intend to continue. He is personable and makes a fun evening, demonstrating for you and your guests during some of his prep time. His food is delicious! No....I am not related to him.....I am just one satisfied customer.
Jun 15/10
Don and I, and our guests, would like to let you know, what a wonderful experience we had with Chef Jono, Saturday Aug.16 / 08 Chef Jono started us off with four wonderful appetizers, followed by his Signature Wedding Bouquet Salad.

Our main course was the beef dish, and the black cod dish, which were both very tasty. We found Chef Jono very entertaining and full of an abundance of information for everyone, from Barbequing, to product information. Very helpful to know, what is actually in some of the food which we consume every day. Once again BRAVO TO CHEF JONO. We would most definitely, welcome Chef Jono back to our home.
Don and Jean Puckering
May 8/09
Hi Jonathan, Not sure where the week has gone, It's Friday already, I've started to send an e-mail to you at least 4 times.

I can't say enough about the dinner you prepared for Bob, Steve, Janis & I. It was truly fabulous. From the appetizers to the desert, the presentation, the flavours were outstanding. In fact it was all so delicious I truly can't pick one item as my favourite, I loved all the different flavor combinations, they were very unique.

Your passion for what you do is evident in your approach to the food with all those wonderful fresh ingredients & your description of the food that we as the lucky diners were more than happy to devour.

We felt like we are eating at a 5 star restaurant......................in our own home.

I have thanked my kids again for such an fabulous and unique gift.

The whole experience ranks right up there as one of my "Kodak Moments" & is an experience I hope to repeat. I'm sure you'll be cooking in my kitchen again.

When I came into work on Monday and shared my experience with my co workers, several of them expressed an interest in finding out more information. I have provided them with the web site info.

Thanks again Jonathan
Jean Gies, Mortgage Administration
Apr 28/08
"Hi Jonathan,
Andrew and I would like to thank you for the wonderful meal you prepared for us and our guests on Saturday April 26 out in Guildwood. It was truly outstanding!

The food just kept coming -- appetizers, salad, soup, the main dish, and numerous desserts -- we were in shock, not just at how much food you skillfully whipped up, but how beautiful the presentation was, and the taste...ohh...it was truly to die for!! We haven`t eaten that well in a long, long time. Having this special event in the comfort of our own home with good friends made the occasion even more special.

Not only was the food magnificent, but the service you provided was fantastic. You spent five hours feeding us and every once in a while, when we asked you a question, you would give us your professional insight, tips and suggestions. At the end, when you called me in to `inspect` the kitchen, well you could have knocked me over with a feather!! It was spotless. You had washed everything, wiped down the counters, even put away my leftovers. The entire night, I didn`t have to get up once. I just sat there being served wonderful food by our personal chef.

It was truly a night we`ll both remember for a long time. And we`ll definitely have you back again on another special occasion.

By the way, the pavlovas were delicious!

Thank you again!"
Marlyn Persaud
Apr 21/08
"Just a quick note to let you know that we had our Chef cooked dinner party on April 19th.

It was fantastic. Chef Jono`s food was excellent and he made the evening both fun and entertaining. All of our guests were very impressed and had a great time.

I would gladly recommend this event to friend and family. We all had a wonderful evening.
Grant Arnold
Dec 8/07
"Dear Chef Jono,

I would like to Thank you for an amazing meal you did for us last night. It was truly spectacular! The entire meal was delicious. It was way beyond my expectations.

My dad had a great time at his 50th birthday. I heard him say to one of the guests that ""Tonight has been incredible!"". Chef Jono, in 25 years of life, I have never heard my dad describe anything as ""incredible""....everything is always ""good"" or ""ok"". So to hear my dad use the word incredible, meant the world to me and trust me, it should mean a lot to you.
The guests could say nothing wrong with your services (as well as the server Kim). It truly was a fantastic evening!

Thank you again!
Sarah Claxton

ps. I have some great photos of the food I will send along to you"
Sarah Claxton
Sep 21/07
"We would just like to say that last week Jonathan McDonaugh (chef Jono) came to our home and cooked us a wonderful meal.

He was both informative and entertaining and we thoroughly enjoyed the delectable meal.
My mother joined us unexpectedly and Jono made her feel very welcome.

We would definitely recommend his services to others.

Sincerely, Anna Golin"
Anna Golin
Aug 21/07
"Dear Jonathan,

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into my party on Thursday. It was truly a memorable night for me and my friends. They all loved the interactive portion of the evening as well as the delicious food. If you ever need someone to give a reference for you please do not hesitate to give them my name.

Thanks again, Linda

P.S. I hope that yesterday`s wedding went well and wasn`t completely drowned out."
Linda Pasternak
Mar 26/07
"Hi Jono,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how much we all appreciated the meal on Saturday.
I was a little reluctant as I wasn`t sure how everything would turn out, but you not only AMAZED us with every appetizer & entree, you pulled it off in true ""Chefjono"" style!!

We will DEFINITELY be calling you again...(hopefully a lot sooner than later) as I am already thinking ahead to all the events that I can use your services for!!

Also - be prepared for at least 2 new clients from my office. They both were anxiously awaiting the thumbs up from Saturday so they could plan their next dinner parties also.

Thanks for making our night!!

Spencer McKone"
Spencer McKone
Mar 26/07
"Dear Jonathan:

Just wanted to extend my thanks to you and to let you know how pleased I was with the event you catered for The Heart & Stroke Foundations - Ontario Chapter. The Inaugural Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Dinner Dance/Silent Auction on Saturday, February 10, 2007 was a success!

Everything was absolutely wonderful. I was very pleased with your company, service, and quality of food. The food was phenomenal and innovative. I heard nothing but positive feedback, and I myself, overwhelmed by the exceptional quality and taste of the food and presentation, I thank you. I have tried and used other catering companies in the past and they do not hold a candle to you and your quality of service. Everything was prepared for over 90 people with impeccable attention to detail.

You went above and beyond with the quality and quantity of the food. The desserts were amazing and the presentation was incredible. Never in my wildest dream could I have imagined that I would pull off such a beautiful gala, and you were with me every step of the way.

The serving of the delicious food by your staff was gracious and super organized.
Your staffs were both impeccable and delightful. They were friendly and extremely cooperative. Professionals in all sense of the word. Please thank your staff for a job well done. Do let them know they did a wonderful job and so many people commented on the staff.

You Jonathan McDonough, (chefjono.ca) services were extremely professional and we will definitely see you next year in February 2008. I look forward to working with you again.

Sincerely yours,

Ertha D`Anna"
Ertha D`Anna
Mar 15/07
"Hi Jonathan!

Mike and I would like to say once again ""thank you and that was fantastic!"" for the meal this past Sunday.

All of the adults and children (14 in total) were treated to the finest of appetizers and desserts that anyone could imagine. Everything was tasty and the choices were each different but complimentary to one another. The food never stopped coming and I sure had a laugh every time another appetizer came so I could here the ""oohs and aah`s"". I do not think that anyone could come up with just one favourite! They could not stop talking about each course. We were certainly full by the end and supper was not needed that night for sure!

I look forward to using you again in the near future for either a supper or appetizer menu as previously.

Take care,

Mike and Kathy"
Mike and Kathy, Heidelberg, ON
Dec 12/06
"Hi there, Chef Jono,

Sunday night`s dinner was superb. Thanks for all your wonderful work, despite the time constraint. We do look forward to having you in our home again, to entice our taste buds and impress our friends.
Here is my personal feedback regarding the Shoppers Gift card:

We experienced a wonderful evening recently when Chef Jonathan McDonough (a.k.a. Chef Jono) came over to our home as part of the Shopper`s Drug mart ""Bistro Dinner for 4"" gift card.

We booked our December 10th evening a month before to ensure that a chef would be available on a Sunday evening. We were very fortunate to have been paired with Chef Jonathan for reasons that will soon be apparent.

Chef Jonathan communicated with us in a prompt and timely fashion every time we asked for confirmation or changes to our evening plans. He suggested a perfect menu once we communicated our dietary limitations, likes, dislikes, allergies and aversions. It so happens that one of our dinner companion is a vegetarian. Chef Jono was intuitive enough to suggest a dinner that was not only pleasing to our collective palate, but a feast for the eyes as well.

The evening began with two sumptuous appetizers (minimal additional cost). The first was a well presented platter of Fresh Thai Salad Rolls and the second was heirloom tomato bruschetta. Both were delicious. Chef Jono was considerate enough to make a couple of the bruschetta without the tomato topping since we had a couple of young boys in the group.

We were called into dinner to witness the serving of a wonderful ""Wedding Bouquet Cucumber Salad"". This dish is one of those ""too good to eat"" dishes, but eat it we did, and enjoyed every morsel. The wedge of pomegranate was inspired.

The ""piece de resistance"" was our main course of Deconstructed Lasagna. I cannot begin to describe how wonderful this dish looked and tasted. Forget your boring notion of oven baked Lasagna. This one is layer upon layer of pasta, wonderful vegetables; red pepper, eggplant, etc. sitting on a slice of sweet potato, can you believe it? That Chef Jono hand made the pasta was extra, extra special (and a heck of alot of work).

Our dessert was the ever elegant crème brûlée. The crème was wonderful in it`s consistency and the brûlée was done to perfection, torched table side.

To top it all off, Chef Jono cleaned the kitchen as if he`d never been there. The dishes and cutlery were in the dishwasher, the stove top was clean and the counters were immaculate.

All in all, the evening was a bonefide success thanks to Chef Jono.
Have a wonderful holiday season, try not to work too hard. The best to you and yours in 2007.
J.J. & Rick"
J.J. & Rick
Oct 4/06
"Hi Chef Jono,
Well, where can we begin to thank you for such an extraordinary meal? It was truly outstanding. My parents were totally shocked, and couldn`t have enjoyed the night any more. (My Mom does apologize for saying that she`s ""liquored"" about 100 times through the night....but she did remember the whole event the next day so that was a good sign!!)

You totally went above and beyond our expectations. We had an idea of what to expect from Natalia and Chris` dinner, but really, you outdid yourself. The food was absolutely fabulous and we all had a blast preparing the meal with you. (Sean`s considering a career change....he was fascinated by the whole thing and really enjoyed working more closely with you in the kitchen)

You were the talk of our Sunday as we recapped every detail. We very much enjoyed your company and hope you had fun with us too! You are so personable that it makes it easy to welcome you into anyone`s home and know that you`ll make them feel at ease with the whole evening. I`ve said to my parents and Sean that I`m going to miss our emails back and forth. I got quite used to them flying back and forth. But I have no doubt that our kitchens will cross again in the not so distant future...you may have just become our special occasion ""restaurant!!""

So, from the bottom of our hearts, a most sincere and heartfelt thank you for such a spectacular meal and a most successful dinner party. You truly made all the difference! Thank you a million times over. And I won`t say good-bye, just a bientot...until next time!

From our Hearts and our full stomachs,
Chelsea & Sean Mehrota

Ps. We`ll send along the photos shortly...hope you enjoy them."
Chelsea & Sean Mehrota
Apr 12/06
"Hi Jonathan,
I just wanted to write to say thank you for a wonderful in-home dining experience this past weekend. You did such an amazing job! From the excellent appetizers to the beautifully presented salad course, to the enormous and delicious entrees - my entire family was very impressed. Oh, and I can`t forget the wonderful dessert! The crème brulee was the best we`ve ever had.

My mother-in-law was so impressed that you cooked everything in her kitchen - nothing like that has ever come out of her kitchen before! She was especially pleased that the kitchen was spotless when you were finished - she didn`t have to lift a finger.

It was a great birthday treat - and one I`m sure we`ll repeat in the future.

Thanks again for such a great evening!
Warm regards,

Leslie Zborovski"
Leslie Zborovski
Dec 21/05
"Dear Chef Jonathan,

On behalf of our company, I would like to thank you for the delicious meal you prepared for our Christmas 2005 celebration. Each course was very tasty and we were very impressed by the portion sizes. We also enjoyed the leftovers and cookie, which were a nice surprise.

You definitely exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to enjoying more of your great meals in the future."
Rosanna Falcone