Instruction Guide

For redeeming a Gift Certificate or Internet Coupon Redemption voucher please help me with the following steps.

When people call I always seem to be driving or cooking. So we need to do this over email, I do not take reservations or contact info over the phone, as if I miss a detail we would both feel bad.

If you don't hear back in 24 hours do go ahead and pester me on my cell....
416-995-0368 Jonathan McDonough AKA Chef Jono

  1. Check that your certificate clearly states, "Dinner for two" or for however many was intended. There are some coupons that are actually a dinner for one person so you might need multiples to do a group.
  2. Find the voucher invoice number, and let me know that and the Brand that generated the deal (ie Groupon, WagJag, etc.) My own gift certificates always start with GC then some initials and the date of issue.
  3. Email me that info at and if possible send the voucher as an attachment.
  4. Also a few dates you were thinking of reserving and your contact info.
(Note, I am booked two months in advance for the most part, and 2 person parties cannot be reserved on Fridays and Saturdays, but if you check directly there are frequently openings.)

You will receive a current menu and FAQ text and a list of every available date for the next 3 months.

Menu selections and details can be discussed closer to the date.

Once I have replied in writing "please send address to secure the event" only then are we confirmed.

We must touch base a few days out from the event to make sure all is good.

Don't worry about expiry dates. I have a marketing strategy not to "pre-piss-off my customers". Good idea?

If anyone feels like inviting more guests or repeating or gifting this idea again, I can repeat the pricing, usually at $60 per person, which is a really good deal. ( Lots of food and fun to be had by all!)

Tel: 416-995-0368