Personal Chef Catering

“Plan the event you'll get the most from;'s your party not the caterers”

Do you want to learn how a "Personal Chef" can cater to your needs?

Ask chefjono a question about planning your event and get practical solutions about how to execute a spectacular event with a "wow" factor. specializes in an "Interactive" chef service. The difference from a regular caterer is that you get a chef creating the party you want, from scratch, in your kitchen.

We do specialize in Chef-served Elegant dinner parties from two to twenty. We also do large events with "chef action stations" and also Weddings, BBQ's, X-mas buffets & Cocktail parties.

The difference is that no matter the price range, the food is honest and real, prepared fresh for you.

  • Dinner Parties
  • Large Events
  • Gift Certificates
You can e-mail or phone me right now to get a sense of what I do and what things will cost. If I happen to be cooking at that moment I will call you back within four hours to answer your questions.

What's my "specialty"? Cooking up a storm in your kitchen!





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